Rediscovering the past for your dining pleasure

At Witloof the focus is not so much on "Haute Cuisine" as on honest pure food: handmade, natural, organic, sustainable and fair. Traditional dishes tastefully prepared after our own family recipes.

As we grow older, we associate many fond memories with food. Scents and tastes have the power to take us back in time, reminding us of days gone by. The "good old-fashioned," as they say, is a product of pure nostalgia.

Fortunately, the simple, quality cuisine of yesteryear has not totally disappeared. Smart chefs have adopted Grandmother's recipes and enriched them as well. The fancy word for it is "cuisine du terroir." But we didn't arrive at our chosen concept by nostalgia alone; our goal was to interpret this movement with humour and style.

Witloof looks at what lies behind us, to the time when Belgium was distinguished by its kitchen. For too long we were unaware of the singularity and quality of this cuisine. Simple, uncomplicated, yet very tasty dishes prepared with classic ingredients, representative of the values championed by the 'Academy of Regional Gastronomy' in Hasselt.

Every week we offer a fresh menu of high quality at good value, served in a casual and creative atmosphere. The principle is simple: choose as many courses you like from a wide range of tasty dishes, for yourself to enjoy or to share with others (because sharing is cool!).

We always offer several vegetarian options, and are happy to meet the needs of guests with dietary restrictions, such as diabetes and gluten- or lactose-intolerance. The dishes to which such adjustments are possible are indicated on the menu, and if you inform us of your requirements when booking your reservation we'll gladly do what we can to further accomodate you. For example, if you follow a gluten-free diet and you inform us ahead of time, we'll bake fresh gluten-free bread in the afternoon for your meal.

Groups of up to 30 persons are certainly not limited and may order à la carte.

Prix Fixe Menu

3-course menu for a maximum price of +/- € 45.=

We receive a daily fresh supply of mussels. Reserve your pot in advance if desired, to avoid serious disappointments.



Menu subject to change.

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