10 Jahre Witloof, 10 Interieuren von Maurice Mentjens

The interior of Witloof has won 1st prize at the Dutch Design Awards (2006), 2nd prize at the Dutch Hospitality and Style Awards (2007), and was nominated for the Deutsche Bundespreis (2007). We were voted the most dog-friendly restaurant of The Netherlands (2006) and came 13th on the New York Times' list of "the 100 most trendy restaurant concepts in the world" (2008).

We are very proud to have caught the attention of more than 250 publications since our opening at the end of 2005. We have been featured in magazines, books, and newspapers from the Nederland, Belgium, France, Germany, Denmark, South Africa, the Czech Republic, Italy, Cyprus, England, the US, Sweden, Switzerland, Russia, Chian, Japan, Taiwan, and South Korea.